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What is HumanForest?

Social impact made easy

We offer truly green e-bikes for the public to use across Central London. Accessible via the HumanForest App, the e-bikes are free for 10 minutes daily with no unlocking fee.
How are they free?

Social purpose ads

HumanForest partners with companies to enable the free ride. Riders receive advertisements (like the one you see on the right) when they open the HumanForest App and also when they end their ride.

For companies, this is a new communications channel which unlocks audiences, targets consumers based on location or other attributes and, most importantly, measures their contribution to improving air quality in London.
Let's reForest the world together

A message from us

Summer 2020 trial - Islington & Camden

Proof of concept

Verified users
46% week-on-week increase
within two Boroughs
Tons of Co2 avoided
equivalent to +400 trees planted
Rider reviews
based on +650 reviews
“Fantastic experience - I have used a lot of these eBike Apps but this is, hands down, the best.”
App Store
"This bike made me zoom through my journey, faster and better than the Boris bikes!! First time user and I am very happy that I've come across this bike company."
Sarah Bagayan
Google Play
"This is a fantastic initiative! Great quality bikes, smooth app experience, all round excellent service. Thank you Human Forest!!"
Google Business

“HumanForest is a new and exciting way of securing a form of out of home advertising, especially during a time when most other transport isn’t being used as frequently.”

Financial Times, Brand Executive

“So pleased to partner with HumanForest... the best way to get around London right now.”

WholeFoods, Marketing Director

“This partnership helped us reach new audiences in a way that was engaging, memorable and distinct.”

Rude Health, Brand Development & Partnerships Manager

The opportunity

Cycling is up 120% in London this year alone and with £2bn of government money set aside to improve cycling infrastructure, there is a huge opportunity to grow HumanForest to meet this increased demand.

"HumanForest has a unique business model that is completely new to the industry and it couldn't be timelier as electric transport is set to change the way people move"
Stefan Tilk, Seed Investor, ex-Volvo President and CEO of NEVS AB
"We are already seeing the success of the model and I am excited to be involved in its future growth"
Vicente Pascual, Seed Investor and Cabify Founder
Micro-mobility industry in Europe growing by:
20% p.a

Forecast to reach $150bn by 2030

Buy HumanForest shares

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.

The capital raised via the Crowdfunding will be used to...

1,500 bikes in London by Summer 2021
Our digital marketing platform
Plan our expansion
into other European cities


When you invest, we'll give you extra HumanForest minutes to help you reduce your carbon footprint and more.

Extra minutes will be calculated on the value of your investment. For example, if you invest £1,000, you will receive 500 extra free minutes. Minutes are valid for 365 days from date of issue.
HumanForest foldable helmet for crowdfunders that invest over £5,000.
Unlimited HumanForest minutes for investors over £50,000.
2 return plane tickets to the Amazon Rainforest for the Treenions who invest over £100,000.

Help us to #reForest cities

View our pitch
Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.
Our Team

The founding Treenions

Agustín Guilisasti
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Caroline Seton
Co-Founder & Head of Growth
Michael Stewart
Co-Founder & Head of Marketing
Our founder's view

A new beginning

"At the heart of HumanForest is a desire to help people make sustainable choices that protect the environment. We are excited to launch the crowdfunding campaign, creating another way for sustainability-minded people to do just that. With the crowd’s investment, we will facilitate up to 7,000 rides and avoid almost 4 tons of Co2 from being emitted into London’s air every day. Climate change can be overwhelming and there are still so many unknowns but HumanForest is a choice Londoners can make in their day-to-day lives to reduce their carbon footprint"

Agustín Guilisasti, Founder & CEO of HumanForest
Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.
Answers you may need

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are HumanForest crowdfunding?
HumanForest was founded in 2019. Since then, we have entered a new era for transport in cities. COVID-19 has led to a heightened awareness about personal hygiene and physical distancing has encouraged consumers to use micro-mobility, rather than public transportation, for inner city trips. Consumers have also become more aware of the value of sustainable and noise-reducing transportation modes after the huge fall in pollution during lockdowns.

In this new environment, there is a huge opportunity to grow HumanForest to meet this demand, using investment from the ‘crowd’ to buy more e-bikes, consolidate our digital marketing platform and further execute on our mission of #reForesting cities.

The micro-mobility market in Europe is forecast to grow 20% per year until 2030 and we want to give our loyal Treenions, and the wider public, an opportunity to be part of our story and our success.

How much are you planning to raise?
We are targeting £1m+.
Who can invest and become a shareholder?
People over the age of 18 from anywhere in the world (excluding the US, Canada & Japan where there are investing restrictions in place) are eligible to invest.
How much can I invest?
You will have the option to invest from approximately £10. However, the specific amount will be rounded to the closest multiple of the share price. For example, if a share price is £3.10, the minimum investment will be £12.40, so you will be shown the exact figure rounded up or down prior to confirming your investment.
How can I invest?
To become a HumanForest shareholder you need to:
  1. Register your interest here.
  2. Create a Crowdcube account here.
  3. Watch out for updates from us via email.
  4. Be ready to invest when our share offer goes live.
What is Crowdcube?
Crowdcube is a leading crowdfunding platform based in the UK. Crowdfunding is where a large number of people pool their money together to back businesses they believe in. Crowdcube enables businesses like HumanForest to attract investment from a wide pool of potential shareholders, making it a company truly owned by the people!
Will HumanForest users have exclusive access to the investment?
Yes, before going live to the public on Crowdcube, we will open our share offer exclusively to our Treenions on 12 November 2020 at 10.00am GMT, but first please remember to register your interest here.
Can I invest on behalf of someone else as a Christmas present?
No. You can only register interest and invest for yourself.
How can I pay for my investment?
You can pay with Visa or Mastercard, debit, credit or prepaid cards.
When the campaign will go live?
The private share offer will take place on 12 November at 10.00am GMT and the public share offer will take place on 17 November 2020 at 10.00am GMT.
Will everyone in this round invest on equal terms?
Yes. The Crowdcube nominees hold the legal title to your shares in HumanForest, subscribed for by investors investing via the Crowdcube website, mobile website or mobile application, on trust for you on the basis of the schedule to the Crowdcube investor terms. Each investor receives Ordinary A shares which carry one vote per share, pre-emption rights on an issue or transfer of shares, and equal economic rights to a dividend or distribution to other ordinary A shares in issue.
Can I sell or transfer my HumanForest shares?
HumanForest is a private company, which means it does not trade on a stock exchange. This means you can sell HumanForest shares when a "liquidity event" occurs or via Crowdcube’s secondary platform for later stage businesses, read more here.

A liquidity event occurs when a company is sold or chooses to list on a stock exchange. To make a return, HumanForest would need to enter a liquidity event where its shares are valued at a higher value than when you invested.

We believe we have the expertise and experience to ensure HumanForest’s success but please be aware that investments of this nature are illiquid and carry risk to your capital.
Who else has invested in HumanForest?
We completed a £1.8m seed investment round in August 2020. The investors include leaders in the e-mobility sector, including founders of the first profitable ride sharing App, Cabify and a former Volvo President.
What are HumanForest shareholder benefits?
Free minutes are a given but watch this space for more information. We’ll be asking you, the crowd, for ideas of what you’d like from us and we have some exciting giveaways up our sleeve too.
How do I contact HumanForest?
You can drop us an email to or call us directly to 07480788294. Our phone lines are open from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00 hours. Please note that we are not financial advisers and are unable to advise on investments but we can  discuss the business. For more information about the investment process, see here.